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What is LoyaltyLab?

What is

LoyaltyLab is an innovative online platform, specially designed to strengthen the relationship between companies and their customers. LoyaltyLab’s core mission is to help businesses establish a dynamic approach to enhancing customer loyalty. Through customizable rewards and recurring rewards, LoyaltyLab enables companies to easily create a personalized, trusted and enjoyable, customer experience.

In this way companies can increase their sales by encouraging customers to keep coming back and choose their store for their purchases. In addition, LoyaltyLab seeks to improve the customer experience by offering in one application the personalized offers of the stores, which reflect the needs and preferences of each one.

Customer reward

Customers who return and buy often deserve to be rewarded! With LoyaltyLab you can offer them incentives (such as offers, discounts, or gifts) so that they continue to choose your company.

Sales increase

With rewards you can increase your sales as you encourage customers to come back and choose your business again for their purchases.

Community building

Our reward system helps you build a community of customers for your business. Engaged customers feel like they are part of a team and they interact with your company.

How does the reward system work? It is simple!

The reward system creates a cycle of reciprocity between the business and its customers, enhancing customer loyalty and increasing business sales.

After registration, every time the customer visits your store, he will receive reward points for his purchases. As these points accumulate, you can very easily offer him perks and deals for his future purchases. You define the rewards and the points corresponding to them.

Customers can see their available points with one click!

Customers who participate in the reward system have access to exclusive privileges and special offers, defined by each store.

Each customer can view their available points per store, each store’s rewards and a recent transaction history. In this way, he is always informed about his available rewards in the visited partner stores.

For what type of business is LoyaltyLab suitable?

Customer loyalty reward system is extremely useful for many types of businesses, as it can help increase customer loyalty, sales and overall business performance. Some examples of businesses are:


Cafe &

Tourism Accommodation


Health & Beauty

Successful business-customer relationship: The LoyaltyLab approach

LoyaltyLab is an important tool for businesses that want to build a strong relationship with their customers and improve their market performance, with a small annual subscription of €180 plus VAT..

Your loyalty reward system can help build a dynamic community of customers around your business. Customers by participating feel part of a special team and strengthen their bond with your business.

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