Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how we collect, use, store, and protect the personal data you provide when using our website and services. This privacy policy applies to our website and all the services we provide through this website.

1. Data Collection:

  • During registration, we collect the email and a password from the user to create an account.
  • Users have the option to add additional information such as full name and telephone number, if desired.

2. Data Usage:

  • Personal data is used only to provide the services offered through the customer rewards platform.
  • They are not made available to third parties unless consent is given by the user or required by law.

3. Data Protection:

  • Personal data is protected by appropriate security measures to prevent loss, misuse, interference, alteration, or destruction.
  • The platform uses harmless anonymous cookies for the login of members and its proper operation.
Terms of Use
  1. Registration is necessary to use the customer rewards platform.
  2. Disclosure of account credentials to third parties is prohibited.
  3. Providing false information during registration is not allowed.
  4. Any misuse of the platform may result in the deletion of the user without warning.
  5. The proper use of the reward system is the responsibility of each company that uses it. Businesses are solely responsible for correctly adding and redeeming points to their customers.
  6. The user has the right to request correction or deletion of his personal data.

The above terms of use and privacy policy constitute the legal framework governing the use of our customer rewards platform. Continuing to use the platform constitutes acceptance of these terms and policies. Terms are subject to change without notice.